The Champagne House Phal B de Beaufort

This is a true human adventure that led Brigitte to create this new wine-growing enterprise that has a 4 hectares’ vineyard located in the villages of BOUZY, AMBONNAY and TOURS-SUR-MARNE, all classified “Grand Cru”.

Brigitte choses to cultivate the vineyard with an eco-friendly wine cultivation approach. These 14 are cultivated in an eco-friendly way, respecting floors and monitoring the crop yields to preserve quality and nature.

Brigitte creates each year 2 or 3 confidential cuvées (3000 bottles by cuvée maximum). The elaboration of the cuvées are made with the last harvest wine selection. They all are vintage champagnes because the grapes are all coming from the Bouzy terroir and from plots whose average age is of over 40 years for the Pinots noirs. The blending chosen highlights the terroir typicality and its declination per years.

Our only wish is to share with you these wonderful Champagne wines elaborated with the so typical Bouzy terroir.

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