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Champagne PHAL B. de BEAUFORT: our Philosophy

Champagne PHAL B. de BEAUFORT was created in 2008, by Brigitte Beaufort, in reference to the initials of her children's first names, Pierre-Herbert and Anne-Louise, and to Brigitte's B.

Our philosophy is to make the most of the richness and diversity of the 14 plots of the estate. The vineyard is at the heart of our attention, we have adopted numerous practices in order to preserve Bouzy’s terroir as much as possible.

Every year, Brigitte creates 5.000 to 6.000 bottles of confidential vintages. She elaborates her blends by taking the decision to produce only vintages with all the possible risks. Thus, every year, from 1 to 3 different vintages are produced with the strong identity of her Pinots Noirs de Bouzy and the elegance of her Chardonnays. The vintages of Champagne PHAL B. de BEAUFORT are unique, complex, fresh, powerful and low in dosage in order to preserve their own quality. All this with a single goal: preserving the expression and singularities of every plot.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération


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